Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Surprise from overseas.

Had a lovely meeting in the studio of my creative sketchbook group - and I am so proud that they are producing such wonderful work.
Imagine my surprise then when one of the group Kath who  has just returned from a lovely trip to Australia and had managed to visit another long time mate of mine... Dale of the Thread Studio in Perth, gave me this present from Dale's shop on arrival at my doorstep.  

Some wonderful hand dyed silk threads, some chiffon and Jacinta Themes (which are hand dyed silk tops) and also some dyed porcupine quills and some bronze glitzy powder.
 Kath and Dale however  have also conspired and issued me with a challenge.... to create a piece of work to show to Dale when she comes to London to the Knitting and Stitching show in London October 2014 see here. This may be quite a challenge... I have a number of ideas going through my head...... but what a fabulous thoughtful gift?
I think Kath was surprised to find I had worked with porcupine quills before... I do recall how difficult they were to use, especially as the ones I had were quite short.
The work created by the North Americans however is fantastic, but I understand  most of the work can only be seen in museums now. Have a look here for lots of interesting information.
I found the above illustration online.... it is a beautiful example of quill work. So a great challenge for me..... I am looking forward to playing with these lovely goodies. Thanks Dale and Kath. I'll blog about my ideas .. so watch this space... ;o)
Oh and if you have any tips about working with porcupine quills... I'll be ever so happy to hear from you.

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