Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Textile Tuesday

Went along to a workshop which featured Amanda Hislop as the tutor, which took place in Marlborough. I have put a photo of Amanda's work above. She works in layers of paper and cloth and in a painterly style, incorporating stitch by machine. I have often worked in this sort of manner and so the workshop was a wonderful escape for me..... 6 hours for me to get lost in what I love doing.  
My pieces of work are not finished... they still require some stitching. I have taken these photos whilst the work was still wet with paint
My inspiration for these pieces are rendered quite differently from Amanda's muted colours. I know when I am the  tutor I am always pleased when students own personality shines through. I am never impressed if students work is a clone of the tutor.


This particular piece need more painting as well as stitching, what the photo has not shown however is the glorious surface texture of this piece....layers of paper, cloth and threads as well as paint.

Yes I did become totally immersed in my work yesterday.. and completed 4 paintings. Most of my fellow students completed 1 or 2..... I could have continued into the evening.... but the class finished at 4 and I drove home to re-engage with my responsibilities.
The work has dried I hope I manage to find a few minutes today to work on them some more.


dorothypandorasbox said...

Maggie you DID have a good day. Thank for showing the images I shall love to see them again when stitched.

Charlton Stitcher said...

Fascinating, Maggie.
I especially love that last image - great colours.