Saturday, April 18, 2015


This is the River Thames at Lechlade, a beautiful stretch of the river, and boats can be seen moored here .

This photo is taken from the bridge, and I know all my children and their friends have jumped into the Thames from this bridge, a dangerous activity, but almost a right of passage for teenagers who live around here. Makes me cringe to think about it.
Our reason for going to Lechlade was on a visit with the Open Door group from Cricklade to the Lechlade garden centre. I have to say we had a most enjoyable time, and it is totally wheelchair accessible. We had a lovely lunch in the restaurant and then made some purchases for the garden. I wanted to hide the water butts and these shrubs are just right for the job

Then this Obelisk caught my eye.... and I just had to have it! Also a Jasmine to grow inside.

The problem was we travelled in a full minibus.. no space for plants.... but no worries the garden centre was happy to deliver. So we had a really lovely outing thanks to Open Door.

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