Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bernina course in London

The opportunity to spend two days in London to attend the Bernina Machine course filled me with excitement. Rail tickets were booked, and the respite care too and the family were mobilised. Quite an organisation network to allow me to attend the course.

I loved it.. and learnt a lot of the nuances and tricks of the new sewing machine. I just love my Bernina 780.... amazing machine.

I am so grateful  to everyone who made it possible for me to attend. I was a bit worried about getting tickets for the tube and details like that..... but it all went very well, and I have to say the London underground staff were superb in helping me when I needed it.

The room at Bogod was light and airy, and with only 4 of us on the course we were assured of lots of individual attention.

This piece of work has featured heavily on Bernina promotional material In the past, so it was lovely to see it close at hand.
I am so pleased that I decided to travel home each night, and I think Herr Schnauzer and Mr Siamese were relieved too. On the train journey home I was able to reflect on my learning during the day and make some helpful notes to myself.
Brilliant ! 

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