Monday, April 30, 2007

Sorting the photos

Thanks to Mags for giving me some advice about photos in blogger, I am trialling resizing photos today. I love blogs with lots of pictures, do you?
I know my duck photo in the previous post will enlarge, the others do not. Have no idea why....... maybe you could help me understand?

The delights for today are a few more photos from my Bibury visit. I love the calmness of the river running through Bibury, and as most of my childhood was spent by the sea and water it has always had a calming fascination for me. The little bridge leads to the weavers cottages in my previous post.

Once you have crossed the bridge, this sign is on the wall of the building in front of you. Have no idea why the Royal Society of Arts took and interest. Recall there is reference to William Morris, did he have connections in Bibury? He lived just up the road in Kelmscott.

I am still working on my sketchbook pages, using a variety of media, this one is paint and black graphic pen, if you look carefully in the top left hand corner you will see that I have started cutting throu the page to reveal the next page. I love surprises, so that is what I am trying to achieve - a surprise on every page.

This page is stuck in - its a computer print out.... I like to draw on the computer.

Just realised I have uploaded 4 images today, unusual, usually only manage 3.

Lets see how the quality comes out now I have resized the photos. Perhaps you will let me know what you think.

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MargaretR said...

These images are very small Maggie, so they are not able to enlarge. where did you resize them?