Thursday, April 26, 2007


He was worth waiting for, isn't he cute? Hope I have solved the problem of uploading the images.
Had a great day out recently at a local village called Bibury in the Cotswolds, and this handsome duck is a proud resident.

These are the old weavers cottages called Arlington Row.

I am strolling on the footpath in front of the cottages. Can you see me? We had a great day out, but I left the cottages feeling grateful to be returning to the modern conveniences of 21st Century living. Not sure I would have enjoyed living in such cramped conditions, despite the strong textile connections.


MargaretR said...

You are coming through loud and clear today Maggie. That duck is fantastic.

Gill said...

That row of cottages are the oldest inhabited houses in the area, Maggie...and I'm told by someone who lives there that it's awful having "tourists" gawping through the windows every day. Hmmm....thought that someone buying such a property would understand that to be part of the deal, wouldn't you?

I agree with Mags...that picture of the duck is fantastic...