Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Western Embroiderers

We have been playing with Lazy daisy stitch at our meeting today. Such fun and so nice and relaxing to play with a simple but versatile stitch. We had a lot to chat about and had the chance to read through the comments in visitors book after the exhibition.

We are concentrating as a group on our next challenge. Our meeting next month is at a local attraction called Lydiard House and Park. A real amenity for all the family. We are not sure yet whether we will have another exhibition as a result, but we have so enjoyed working together on a theme, so we will continue working in this way.

I spent most of the day working chain stitch around the eyelets I showed you yesterday. I bought the thread from Myfanwy at Winifrid cottage, she dyes it herself and it a very pleasant variegated thread. A most pleasant day.
I am seriously thinking of changing the blog to the new layout.. which may mean I lose a lot of my stuff..... I may do it tomorrow if I can find the time. Must finish tidying the workroom /studio that I have started this week.

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MargaretR said...

I've often wondered if it was worth buying one of those eyelet tools. You have convinced me it is! That piece is great.