Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to reality

First chore in Cirencester today was to get some petrol in the car, thank goodness it is not a particularly thirsty car, so not a frequent event for me. Just as well with petrol now £1.20p a gallon-- (well spotted Gill... I did mean a litre!! You are a wonderfull proof reader.). Have a number of car travelling activities today and for the rest of this week. So needed this car juice.

Here is a photo of the wonderful Spring scene from the car park at the first port of call today-- delivering some stuff to the hospital.

Recently had a call from the Museum, telling me they wanted my submission .. so please could I deliver the work today... so that was chore number 2 or is it 3?

On the way home I called in at North Meadow in Cricklade again. The frittlliaries are almost over now... but wow the meadow is still fantastic..... really magical.
Here is the river Thames, it runs alongside the meadow, about 4 miles from the source.... quite a different view than that of the Thames at Oxford or London.

After lunch at home, another outing.....such excitement for a trip to the tip with a load of garden refuse. I saved you the embarrassment of photos of the place!

Tomorrow it is off to Stroud for an early start assisting in setting up the Losing the Thread exhibition at the Kendrick Gallery, Stroud, for the Stroud intenational textile Festival, which goes on until the 23rd May. Phew.... the car might need petrol for fuel but I need chocolate!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilts Victoria and Albert Museum London

Took a tranquil train trip to London Yesterday with my dodger mate Gill. We both took tickets in the " quiet " carriage, and so were talking in whispers! Amazingly at Didcot ( unnoticed by me ) a colleague and his son boarded the train and sat behind me. They had a good excuse for them both to be truanting from school, the young man has made the final 10 for the position of Oliver in Drury Lane. Wished him the usual greeting of "break a leg"... and hope to hear soon how the final audition went.

As usual I digress. The purpose of our visit to London was to have a five dodger meet and take in the quilt exhibition whilst we were there. There is so much to see at the V & A and especially as I also wanted to have a look at the newly re-opened Medieval Gallery. We met up with Sue K at Paddington station, and shared the luxury of a taxi to the V & A.... a brilliant decision. London was looking wonderful in the spring.. did I take a photo?... nah.. to busy admiring!!!

Of course had to buy a few goodies from the shop, the fabrics..... and l bought a few, and of course the postcards!

We met up with Lynn- no - blog and later Helen and mini dodger who are in London for a few days.

Of course we had to have our dodger photo in the loos..... the mirrors are wonderful, and are a wonderful photo opportunity.... here are the tiles!!!

It seemed all too quickly we were saying good bye and returning to Paddington, and then before I knew it I was saying good bye to Gill when we reached my station. Great day, fantastic company. Home, tired and happy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lydiard Exhibition is extended

GWE exhibition at Lydiard House and Park has been extended to May 24th by popular demand. Wonderful news. I have met some lovely visitors whilst stewarding the exhibition.

We have also had wonderful coverage from the local press and local BBC radio. Lydiard House staff have also been so enthusiatic and supportive. It certainly has been a lovely experience working with them all.

From May 1st to 23rd I also have some work at Stroud International Textiles Festival - click here for details. I will be exhibiting at the Kendrick Street Gallery with Losing the Thread

It has been a very busy few months for me and has left little time for blogging. I have also been making some journal quilts.. but more of that later.... and have entered a couple of competitive exhibitions. Will let you know if I am successful. Its all been great fun.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cricklade North Meadow

Cricklade is a very special place and the fritillaries today are outstanding...

If you would like to find out a little more about this special meadow, then click here.

The embroidery group I am with, is working closely with Natural England and we will be exhibiting at Cirencester Musuem in November 2010.