Friday, June 15, 2012

Seems to be final- Urchfont Closure

I had  a meeting at Urchfont this afternoon, and I was really looking forward to visiting this wonderful learning facility before  it closes in September.

It was only a short meeting of the Urchfont Embroiderers ( I am a member) and we had to decide .... what next.... as it is the end of Urchfont as we know it.

I was so surprised. There is a decidedly empty feel around the place..... many things have disappeared, such as the hanging baskets and the beautiful flowers. In the past the summer blooms have been spectacular. I suppose the staff are not bothering this year. The planned Open day in July has been cancelled too.. and the walls of the manor house have been "minimalised" and look quite sterile and now, in my opinion,  show a corporate image. All in preparation  to be sold I suspect.

 I spoke to some of the staff there, whom I have got to know quite well over the years... many are talking of retirement.

 Felt very sad when it was time to say goodbye. However on the drive home, I suddenly realised how lucky I had been to have had the opportunity to be part of Urchfont Manor for so many years. So sad that future generations will not have the same opportunity.

For me... time to move on.... I have written to the council and signed petitions, but have been ignored by the local politicians and decision makers. I can do no more!


ANNA said...

sorry not to have been in touch sooner - daughter has moved home - anyway we have our last meeting at urchfont first week of July and I so appreciate what you have said. We too have been ignored by the council - they promise to provide alternate venues but have not come up with any options. see you soon

dorothypandorasbox said...

Maggie, this is so sad. I also did what I could with signing petions and writing as well. I guess they feel they don't have to listen to out of county folks though.
I too have some wonderful memories of my times at Urchfont.
Wish I was a multimillionaire... I would buy it and keep it open!

Helen Cowans said...

So sad, had a wonderful time there. What are they going to do with the stunning green man on the wall? and all the plants?

jackie said...

It is such a sad loss. The end of an era.