Saturday, June 09, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

It has been so good to see the sun today, after the storms of the past couple of days. Wales seems to have suffered the  worst this time with flooding, but even up here on the hill we had flooded roads last night when we drove home from babysitting.
(Photo, thanks to the  Daily Mail---- supermarket in Wales)

It was so pleasant just standing on the patio today and looking at the blooms in the flowerpots.... the Azaleas have not enjoyed the rain very much and are looking a bit bedraggled, the Pansies however seem to be smiling through it all.

Just a quick reminder to you all .. the Traditions Exhibition at Lydiard house has its last day tomorrow, it is being taken down on Monday. We are so pleased with the lovely responses from all the visitors. We have already been booked to exhibit there again in 2014.

I am busy thinking and planning for our next theme..... and tryng to get some photos together. At the moment I need a bit more inspiration, and had planned some visits. Unfortunately the weather has put a stop to some of the visits I wanted to make. Typical!
Will share with you when I have sorted myself out.

Youngset son managed to get Man of the Match (see here)  again today at his Ice Hockey match.... so proud of him. Has injured his wrist, but ice packs are sorting it all out.

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