Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vesey room, Bampton

We chose a lovely sunny day to go and visit  the Exhibition at Bampton Gallery. Beverley and I both have work in the members Exhibition, and we wanted to spend some more time looking at every one's work. We also wanted to have a closer look at the Vesey room which is also part of West Ox Arts exhibition space.

You may recognise this building as it features as the hospital in Downton Abbey. it is actually the old grammar school of the village of Bampton.

Classrooms in those days were small, but  the room is a wonderful exhibition space. Erin Singleton has an exhibition called Bohemian Pearl there at the moment. Very thought provoking, but fun.

This wonderful gate/door is the entrance to the building.

Was really taken by the gated entrance to the church, which seemed to be a short cut for taking the village dogs for a walk.

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