Sunday, August 05, 2012

Words and Pictures - now showing

 The Words and Pictures exhibition opened at Artsite on 1st August and runs until the 11th. I feel I can share my images with you now. The PV was Last Saturday and I was quite upset that I could not get along to it. There is a great blog to support the exhibition too.. have a look here
The top photo is of my piece in response to the Annie Lennox song- Why.. and this Abstract work is in response to the line in the song - Do you know how I feel? ( You can click on the images to enlarge them for further detail)
The 2nd piece is in response to the Scissors Sisters - I don't feel like dancing. In particular the line.... You got so many colours it'd make a blind man so confused.

Both pieces are for Sale.... but do go along to the Artsite Gallery and have a look at the exhibition... some really good work on show. I am due to steward again next Thursday (6th) in the afternoon.

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