Monday, July 30, 2012

Art in Action in the studio

The blog entries have been  a bit sparse of late... humble apologies.

Plenty of work happening in the studio however..... the above picture is courtesy of 3 of the Grandchildren. We had a fun day making sketchbooks and these are some of the covers which were painted. As a great sideline any rejected paintings were cut down to size and were transformed into a page of the sketchbook. Great lessons were learnt about cropping paintings and not discarding any work which was not quite up to the desired standard for the outside cover

Spiral binding was supplied by the use of the Bind it All. Eldest granddaughter is becoming very proficient at using it accurately...... in fact much better than I can!!!

Daughter also spent a whole day using my sewing machine in the studio to piece this quilted top. It really is looking good, she has called it lilac dream. This photo does not do it justice.. it is really beautiful. Next comes the quilting of the whole thing.... suspect that will be another day spent in my studio.

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