Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Warm enough for you?

We have had wonderful blue skies for a few days now, and the temperatures have soared. Is it summer at last? Hope so.

The flowers in the garden are really enjoying the sun, after all that rain of last month. I do not really like the heat, despite growing up with lots of it.
So I have stayed indoors in the shade and done some drawing, inspired by reports of Tim Vyner recording the  Olympic games by drawing on his digital tablet. A while ago I had downloaded a free software programme onto my tablet called Sketchbook Express and so set about doing some drawings. Number 3 on my list was handbag (purse in the US).... so here is my drawing using my tablet,

I enjoyed the process so much.... the only problem I had was with the exporting of the image............ and as you can see it is quite a small image. So I made the decision to buy the full program, called Sketchbook Pro.. it cost all of £3.18... very reasonable. Drawing number 4 on the list is mug..... so using the full program on the tablet.. I started drawing again.

However I really got carried away with all the features, some great textures and layers are available to use, think the accuracy of the object suffered a bit as I tried out lots of different options. This is painting and drawing without having to wait for the layers to dry. Great fun. think I will be drawing some more! 

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