Sunday, July 01, 2012

Latest works an update

A snippet of the fabric I have been working on.. space dyed and then hand painted. Its all ready for stitching now. I am really happy with this and looking forward to completing the stitching.

The other piece of work is finished, not easy as it was green, and I do not do green. Find it very difficult to work with. I had hand dyed a piece of fabric green to show the Grandchildren how to mix green for dyeing last summer. Of course when I was auditioning my painting for a background ... the green worked the best. Typical!!!  All finished now thank goodness and framed too.

These works are in preparation for an Exhibition at Artsite Gallery  in Swindon called Words and Pictures  from 1st - 11th August.


Gill said...

lovely, Maggie

dorothypandorasbox said...

Love it Maggie. Beautiful colours
you will enjoy stitching that won't you?