Saturday, July 21, 2012


I have been trying to discipline myself to a drawing a week.. I would love to do a drawing a day, but time is quite elusive at the moment.. so once a week has to do.
The drawing above is of my sitting room ceiling lamp..... I drew it in Biro... but it was so boring, that I decided to play with it in Paint shop and used the  layer function, the 2nd layer is a photo of the tree in the garden, and then before merging the layers.... the trees were knocked back by adjusting the transparency, and the lamp drawing enhanced with 2 filters, coloured pencil and then find edges. Great fun.

This outline drawing of a shoe is very simple.. H pencil on cartridge paper.... and timed. Next is purses or bags...... I have been inspired by the EDM challenge.... see here.

I am hoping to give myself some rules for each drawing... wonder what media I shall use next? Collage or paint..... Mmmm will have to see what I feel like when I start.

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