Saturday, June 23, 2012

Irish dance dress update.

Have spent a lovely couple of days re-decorating the dance dress, have to say I am very pleased with the result. I do not have a photo of the back view, but that is lovely too ( even if I say so myself).

 I think I will have to source some more skirt fabric, as my granddaughter has grown a couple of inches recently, and the skirt is getting a little short. It will be fairly easy to add a few more ruffles, but I am not sure I can get the same fabric.
I have been trying to get back into my own work during the rest of this week...... but think my mojo has gone on holiday along wiht my inspiration. So inconsiderate!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Seems to be final- Urchfont Closure

I had  a meeting at Urchfont this afternoon, and I was really looking forward to visiting this wonderful learning facility before  it closes in September.

It was only a short meeting of the Urchfont Embroiderers ( I am a member) and we had to decide .... what next.... as it is the end of Urchfont as we know it.

I was so surprised. There is a decidedly empty feel around the place..... many things have disappeared, such as the hanging baskets and the beautiful flowers. In the past the summer blooms have been spectacular. I suppose the staff are not bothering this year. The planned Open day in July has been cancelled too.. and the walls of the manor house have been "minimalised" and look quite sterile and now, in my opinion,  show a corporate image. All in preparation  to be sold I suspect.

 I spoke to some of the staff there, whom I have got to know quite well over the years... many are talking of retirement.

 Felt very sad when it was time to say goodbye. However on the drive home, I suddenly realised how lucky I had been to have had the opportunity to be part of Urchfont Manor for so many years. So sad that future generations will not have the same opportunity.

For me... time to move on.... I have written to the council and signed petitions, but have been ignored by the local politicians and decision makers. I can do no more!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Stitching day

A most enjoyable day today with the Great Western Embroiderers.
We had the work from the recent Lydiard Exhibition returned to us, and we had 2,000 visitors, quite an achievement, and apparently this is double the normal number of visitors to Lydiard. The comments in the visitors book was very complimentary too.

The group asked me to give a workshop and demonstration about using the embellisher machine ( needle felter) see here  we had great fun, and I suspect sales of the machine will be going up this month, so many members saw the potential of this technique.

 I was also able to  give all members a quantity of raw Cotswold fleece, with details how to wash, card and spin. Many thanks to Edna of Cotswold Sewing machines in Stroud, who sourced the fleece for me. We were delighted with it.

 In the afternoon Pam took an interested group of our members along to the Museum in Cricklade, which they all enjoyed.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

It has been so good to see the sun today, after the storms of the past couple of days. Wales seems to have suffered the  worst this time with flooding, but even up here on the hill we had flooded roads last night when we drove home from babysitting.
(Photo, thanks to the  Daily Mail---- supermarket in Wales)

It was so pleasant just standing on the patio today and looking at the blooms in the flowerpots.... the Azaleas have not enjoyed the rain very much and are looking a bit bedraggled, the Pansies however seem to be smiling through it all.

Just a quick reminder to you all .. the Traditions Exhibition at Lydiard house has its last day tomorrow, it is being taken down on Monday. We are so pleased with the lovely responses from all the visitors. We have already been booked to exhibit there again in 2014.

I am busy thinking and planning for our next theme..... and tryng to get some photos together. At the moment I need a bit more inspiration, and had planned some visits. Unfortunately the weather has put a stop to some of the visits I wanted to make. Typical!
Will share with you when I have sorted myself out.

Youngset son managed to get Man of the Match (see here)  again today at his Ice Hockey match.... so proud of him. Has injured his wrist, but ice packs are sorting it all out.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Two days of fun

Lots of fun today, firstly we watched the Pageant on the river Thames in London on the TV, what a fantastic event. You can see some of the photos here.
We then joined in the street party outside, in the pouring rain of course ( this is England!!) We had plenty of Gazebo's and umbrellas to protect us from the downpour. Chatter, laughter and BBQ's.... a great time with  all the neighbours. 

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a textile day, locally, another fun day. It was a small group and we worked with textile artist Sue Green. Her studio is in a wonderful location on a farm just over the county border in Gloucestershire.  When I got home, I managed to decorate the house in bunting and GB flags just before it started to rain. Phew!