Tuesday, September 17, 2013

After the Open Studios weekend

We have been very busy transforming the studio back to a working area, rather than an Art Gallery now that Open Studios have finished for another year. It has been a much quieter year than previously, I have no idea why, however it has meant I could get on with my own work.
I decided to take the clean up opportunity to give  the studio  space a bit of a deep clean. The walls really need a coat of paint too, but that can wait for another time. As you can see I had lots of help from Herr Schnauzer !!!
There is also another motivation for all this activity .... it is....
The quilting frame I ordered in August at the Festival of Quilts arrived 3 weeks earlier than predicted. I am thrilled with it .. and cannot wait to start working on it.
Other activities are getting in the way at the moment and so I must be patient. As you can see the flat packed trestles have been constructed, and the frame too was very easy to put together.
Next on my list is to organise the quilt layers, and then clean and oil my sewing machine, then I will be ready to play. I promise to share my first experiences with you.

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