Sunday, September 01, 2013

Open studio... the dilhema for next weekend!

This was my studio today.. I have been exploring a variety of drawings and using the embellisher machine to interpret the marks on the drawings. I gave the studio a good tidy up last week as well, as I wanted to do some dyeing of fabric, and did not want to splash dye in the wrong places. Dyeing is finished and I am very pleased with it..... so it was back to the drawings.
However I need to make a I leave it like this for Open studios next weekend... or do I take it all down and hang lots of my work around to make a gallery atmosphere.... and showcasing my finished work.
I am leaning towards leaving it like this.. and just use the facing wall for finished work. I have a joint exhibition at the Landing Gallery in Swindon during the whole of September to showcase finished work .. so maybe my studio can remain a working space, but the gallery is 5 miles away in the middle of town.. will the public go to both??
I would be grateful for any ideas and comments. What would you do?? Leave my studio as a working space.. or transform it into a gallery to showcase finished work.
It would be lovely to see you if you are able to visit.

The local paper gave a brilliant write up to the event.. see here...

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