Friday, March 20, 2015

Dorset Day 2015

It was only just light when we left home, very misty and the frost was evident in the fields and the verges of the road. 

As the sun came out and broke through the mist, we were looking forward to an exciting but busy day. Our group of West Country Embroiderers  were responsible for organising the day for the Dorset groups. 

We were delighted that Maggie Grey ( WCE president) accepted our invitation to attend with her husband Clive. 
 We had wonderful traders, raffle and a grand lunch and above all the opportunity to meet friends and fellow stitchers.

Anita Bruce was our speaker and she gave us an inspiring insight into her art. She was very generous in sharing her techniques and inspirations and the journey she has undertaken in her very special work.

Her sketchbooks were wonderful too. A most enjoyable talk.

I was quite overwhelmed when I was presented with these beautiful roses by my group, for all the organising and overseeing the event. Aren't they beautiful. 
Of course no Dodger meet would be complete with out the photo. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day Maggie. lovely pics. Thanks for sharing