Saturday, March 21, 2015

Recent inspirations and work

At the beginning of this month I went to Marlborough Embroiderers Guild meeting and listened to a talk by Lynda Monk.... it was lovely to see her work close to and discover her process of creating her pieces. I have seen her at shows and emailed her a few times, but we had never met face to face. Her blog is Purple Missus

A workshop was held the next day but I was unable to attend unfortunately. Go to the MEG blog for more details

I have been in my studio today and finally have managed to finish a box I started at the GWE meeting earlier this month. It was a lot of hand stitching. So have sore fingers now. My own fault as its ages since my fingers have done a lot of hand stitching, so they are out of practice.

I thought I would see how the macro worked on my new camera, hence the close ups of the box.. Very pleased, I must say. Think I need to read the instruction CD  some more to find out how everything else works. Another learning curve looming on my horizon.

Must get back to the studio and complete some books I am making from the papers created with Anita Bruce on Thursday. I also need to make some notes about the ideas that came to me during the workshop, before they get lost in the everyday tasks of life.

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