Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Day 2 -Handwerk.. working with the hands


I always seem happiest if I have some thread, yarn or fabric in my fingers. This yarn was particularly pleasant .. quite soft and great to knit with. The colours were a bit odd when combined, but they were free of charge. So cannot complain.
This photo was taken at Hampton Court, on the  Green at the Handmade Fair , it was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday and this cable knitting was one of the workshops on offer. Great fun.
This venue bought back many happy memories of the time we lived at Hampton Hill, just up the road. The lovely craft/yarn shop I used to frequent in that locality has long gone. A sign of the times I'm afraid.
Probably the same everywhere now. I can remember going in to the shop every week to buy and ounce or two of the wool I had put by to create a jumper. Did that regularly until the jumper was finished Very different times.

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Amanda said...

Gosh that brought back memories! I used to knit piecework for the little yarn shop up the road from me. And my payment?... Put-a-side yarn for my own knitting of course! Made quite a few of the kids jumpers that way. Doubt if anyone does it at all anymore.