Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Day 1 -Stitching slowly.......

Something I seem to have been doing for a long time now, slow stitching, seems to have been taken up as a new movement and gaining momentum in the craft magazines. Some advocates are developing stitch retreats, articles and books to help develop awareness.
I think anyone who has enjoyed hand stitching .. or even other hand crafts like knitting or crochet, probably are aware of the soothing and relaxing medative state of mind that can happen when absorbed by the technique of hand work.
Here, in my small piece of embroidery,  I have combined eyelets made on my Bernina sewing machine with the eyelet attachment, and then surrounded the machined eyelets with  hand stitch .. in this particular case, chain stitching in a variegated thread. Pure bliss to stitch.
The stitching will probably end soon, as I have lost the variegated thread....... might be a slow process to find out where I stowed it away safely. Always the way isn't it?
There is also some interesting articles in the latest edition of Through our Hands online magazine......... have a look here.

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