Friday, December 21, 2007


Finally ..... the Christmas cake is in the oven....... I suppose better late than never. I have been attempting to make this cake over the last 2 weeks. The recipe says it is best made 2 weeks before Christmas.... this one will be 3 days. Do you think anyone will notice?

With everything going on with the family, this has been my first opportunity to make the cake.

I bought the necessary ingredients 2 weeks ago. I have only made a Christmas cake twice before, both times I was on maternity leave..... so a long time ago! I was so pleased I managed to find the recipe again. On my midnight shop last night I bought some fresh eggs, the packaging made me laugh.... love it. Will I be Big and British after all the eating at this celebration?

Another important ingredient of course is the spirit.... this recipe calls for 4 tablespoons of Sherry...... and of course a glass for the cook!

The final mixture looks delicious. Yummm.

Only problem.... I no longer have a cake tin big enough to take the whole mixture. Never thought about that. However hope the solution works.

It cooking now, doesn't it take a long time? I hope it will be OK. Time will tell.


MargaretR said...

Now that I don't bake a Xmas cake I do miss scraping the bowl and licking the spoon. Yum, yours looks lovely. I can almost smell it.

Angelcat said...

I'm impressed, my baking skills are non existent. I used to love helping my Mum bake was I was little but like Margaret that may have been more to do with licking the spoon than taking part in the cooking :)