Saturday, December 15, 2007

Life's like that.

Life is like that sometimes... a real roller coaster. I expect no sympathy, as most of you reading this, will have had the awful, horrid virus. For what its worth... it attacked my throat, nose and ears with a vengeance.... lots of headaches and the coughing. Then...... just as you start to feel morning there it is back again. Lets move swiftly on to more fun stuff.

Sooo .......In between I have had lots of fun.... you will be pleased to know the knitting is progressing well.... Sue saw it last week and can verify the progress made. I will post a photo at another time. Feeling rather pleased with myself.

I have also had the joys of yet another birthday, they seem to come round so quickly these days. So 22 years old again. Such a respectable age. The presents were lovely and lots of chocolates and cards.

Did a lovely workshop too with the Swindon Embroiderers Guild, it was lovely just to have time to work with friends. Angela did a good write up on her blog.This is a photo of my stitching plan.... dragonflies. These were machined freehand all over the surface of the "fabric"

My burned offering has not progressed at the moment, I have a rather lame excuse.. I could not find my soldering iron. I have found it this week. Am rather embarrassed to tell you where, I must have been having a very blonde moment when I last tidied it away.

In the bathroom which we rarely use.. is a cabinet /tablewith a drawer... for some reason the soldering iron was in the drawer. Why? Have no idea!

So I suppose I had better get burning now!

Think this will make a nice round bag..... watch this space.... will it get finished in time for the Christmas parties. Doubt it .... New Year more likely.

The next bit is bad news.... and if you wish you can skip down to the next picture where it gets back to the fabric fun. My daughters husband.. only in his early 30's had a mini stroke and when they investigated further they have found the horrid C. In very early stages... and they are VERY confident of a full cure. Needless to say I have been most fortunate in babysitting their 3 children and looking after them.. which I have thoroughly enjoyed, whilst family emotions are quite naturally on a roller coaster.

We had another great meeting of the Great Western Embroiderers ( see here) .
Anna had organised a wonderful white on White experience for us... we really enjoyed ourselves...and . the work in the photo is from group members... we were particularly inspired by Sorbello stitch , which Anna asked us to play with and practice.
We have taken our GWE Exhibition, which was opposite the Designer Outlet Village, down now, hope you managed to see it. As a result of the Exhbition we had a wonderful interview by BBC Radio Swindon. We have more Exhibitions planned for next year too. So watch this space.
I have also signed up to Sharons new challenge ( see here) I really enjoyed the stitch challenge last year... though I had some difficulty keeping up. Let's hope I do better in 2008.

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