Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Missed me?

Mmmmm.... feel as if I have been caged in for a while too!
Its been a busy time, but I will not bore you with the details.... thanks for your good wishes Maggie.. suffice to say this illness lasted too long.
I have been to a couple of Exhibitions... wonderful cakes and tea at both.
One of the groups I belong to, the Great Western Embroiderers Have been very busy in preparation for the exhibition in September. We had a wonderful workshop on Sketchbooks and then had a second visit to the Steam Museum. I enjoyed this particular visit even more, as I am making headway with my ideas, so the visit had a better sense of purpose.
Have you ever been underneath Caerphilly Castle?

Well here is proof that I did.. really scary underneath, met a lovely bloke just before I took this photo( as you do) and during our conversation it came to light, that he was a school teacher from Holland with a party of schoolchildren. Funny how you meet up with the most interesting people when you are underneath a train... and scared out of your wits!
I had a hard time finding evidence of the women's work that went on at the old railway works... I know for example that there were a lot of sewing machines... but not one on display. Its a very "blokey" ( is there such a word?) environment in the Museum.
Besides the mention of women working during the war years, the office typist and the tea lady.. this is the only mention for women.
with this photo beside it.
Its probably a sign of the times, but does not seem to be very correct for the 21st Century. What do you think?

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Dorothy said...

Yes we have missed you! Nice to see you back again. Seems like this steam museum project is going to work out for you.