Monday, May 12, 2008

Maggie's Magic

Thanks Hippopip for your recommendation, and I shall certainly try and get back to the Stroud Festival this week to have a look at Clare Lane's work. We were in a bit of a rush, the other day as a meeting beckoning us in the Forest of Dean. It was great to meet you, today at Marlborough too. It is always such fun to meet fellow bloggers, so thanks for introducing yourself to me.

The other Maggie very kindly mentioned, when we met at Marlborough today, that she had missed my blogging, as I explained there is a good reason. If you pop over to my Photo blog.. I think the photos replace the words. As you will gather it has been a bit hectic around here, and for the foreseeable future, I can see no let up in sight. Who was it who asked " what will you do with all your time when you retire?" What time! How did I ever manage to fit work in as well?

One of the great advantages of early retirement is, I can go and listen to some wonderful talks and it was good to meet up with my chum Maggie and her hubby Clive at Marlborough Branch of the Embroiderers Guild. Maggie was giving a talk on Computers, Friend or Foe. As always Maggie was very inspirational and entertaining, and was ably assisted by Clive on the computer.

Maggie, Clive and I met up a number of years ago, when we were on the first committee of the CTDG, and I was lucky enough to do some tandem teaching with her to West Country teachers. We had great fun, except we had to carry the machines up to the 3rd floor of my school..... no reach my artroom. No laptops then either.
I really enjoyed Maggie's talk today, pulling together so many ideas and as always enthusing the audience to have a go. It was wonderful to see her textiles in the flesh, instead of photos in a book or on the blog. Talking about books... Maggie has a new one coming out ,its gone to press, and is due out very soon. I succumbed and have pre-ordered, it looks wonderful. Very exciting!
(Maggie posing with her new book)
I am very lucky in that I can also attend Maggie's workshop at Marlborough next Tuesday, its an all day event. It will be different to be on the student's side of the teachers desk. I know we will have lots of fun.

Clive won't be needed next Tuesday as it s a stitchery workshop, we will miss you Clive.

(Clive packing the goodies)
Really think Maggie should make you a lovely smiley face badge, Clive, with the words "Happy to help"


hippopip said...

It was good to meet you too Maggie, It was a fantastic talk by the other Maggie and I have managed to put most of it into practise, many thanks for inviting the Stroud EG, all the best Pippa

Maggie Grey said...

Thanks for all the kind words, Maggie. Sorry about the book pose!

It was a fun afternoon - lots of good questions and interest about computers.