Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stitching stuff

Thanks for showing some of my current work on your blog Maggie, and the workshop you gave us was great fun. I shall really have to get working hard on the sketchbook and ideas now, as confirmation has just arrived that the Exhibition at Steam Museum is confirmed for February and March next year. I am very pleased and excited at the prospect.

This is one of my self - made printing blocks, repeatedly printed through scrim, the results are great fun. I am enjoying this.

Talking about Exhibitions, managed to get the exhibition hung this morning at Wantage, and before we had finished a lot of interested public were looking round. Wonderful. The Museum have requested a "meet the artists" session. So I shall be there this Saturday, pop in if you are around.

(This is Margaret's work.)

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Amanda said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the Wantage exhibition, thank you. Losing the Thread's standard just gets better and better.