Sunday, May 25, 2008

Review of the week

Machine stitched through my thumb today, after cleaning, oiling and putting a new needle in the machine. Ouch! In retrospect it was probably a good thing I had a new needle at least it was sharp and went straight through. However I suspect it was a result of a frantic stitching weekend... more later.

It was a lovely week, last week, celebrating my Aunts 90th birthday on the Sunday ( see my photo blog) was the commencement of all the excitements. It was delightful to see her again and looking so well, and two of my cousins managed to be at the party too.

Monday was a day preparing for my talk to the Swindon Branch of the Embroiderers Guild, and testing the digital projector and am very pleased to report it works well. Lovley group of people.

Tuesday was a workshop with Maggie, it was good to catch up with all the gossip again. Fantastic days on Thursday and Friday, visiting schools and moderating the Art and Design exams. I feel so privileged to have seen some wonderful work.

Friday I spent frantically stitching in preparation for the weekend at Urchfont. I have really had trouble with the design work for this exhibition. Everything kept going wrong, you know how it is sometimes, anyway finally on Friday morning it came together. Went off to Urchfont and managed to dodge the rush hour bank holiday traffic, so arrived early. I immediately set up the sewing machine and machined almost non stop until Saturday lunchtime and then hung the work for the exhibition before lunch.... really cutting it fine.

A hanging basket will be positioned in the centre...... however I will be stitching some more this week and going back this weekend to finish the installation. When I hung the work it was brilliant sunshine and the shadows were to die for.... by time I got the camera out the sky had clouded over and was threatening rain, also it was incredibly windy, so the work has some rather discreet fishing line to keep it in place.

If you fancy having a look at the Art in the Garden Exhibition at Urchfont, it is viewable until September 30th 2008. All the work is outside, and amongst the scultpures and stone masons and woodworkers are now 6 textile artists work. Really exciting. We had the private view on Saturday evening between 5 and 7pm, and I was thrilled that Jane Lemon came along, it was good to catch up on all the news and to meet Jenny, who had accompanied her. Lesley, one of the Friends of Urchfont Manor has organised the exhibition for Urchfont and does a magnificent job. Funds raised from the commission on sales goes to the upkeep of the gardens. A worthwhile cause. Catalogues of the work for sale are available at reception.

This is Rita's piece of work. hanging outside the coach house. I will take some more pictures next weekend, when hopefully it will not be raining so heavily!

Met some lovely people this weekend and I also met Jean who visits my blog..... hope I am forgiven now I have updated !

Urchfont are having their Open Day on 6th July 2008 so let me know if you can make it... maybe we can meet up for a cup of tea.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday and rain is promised.. so I might spend the day machining again. Tuesday I am hanging an Exhibition at Wantage Museum.

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Helen Cowans said...

Looks like a good weekend but ouch ouch and ouch!