Thursday, June 05, 2008


I have been travelling all over the south of England this week and have seen some wonderful artwork displays created by 16 year olds.

What a lot of talent in this country, amazing. I have to say I regretted recently selling my trusty old car as I was driving home in the torrential rain, through badly flooded roads on Tuesday, I was sharply reminded that my new eco friendly car lacks traction control...... scary..... I really had to slow down on the duel carriageway. Lesson learnt, I was lucky not to aquaplane. A close shave.

Felt particularly sorry for the folks who live down the bottom of the hill, they suffered severe flooding again!

Amanda I am so pleased you enjoyed the Wantage Exhibition. I received lots of supportive comments when I gave a "meet the artist session" on Saturday. I will be taking the exhibition down this Saturday in the late afternoon, so I have decided to share a few photos with you, just in case you cannot go along to see it for yourself. There is a lovely cafe area as well.

Maggie ( yes she is also calling me ToM - which stands for "The other Maggie") asked whether I am still doing a lot of computer work, and the answer is yes. I will try and follow your tradition Maggie, and put together a little demo on layers. They are such fun to do.
I will try and put the demo together over the weekend, as I really must do some housework tomorrow.

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