Saturday, June 14, 2008

The layers instalment for GIMP

Thanks for all your comments and mail about using GIMP, I am so pleased you are enjoying using a free program. As I promised here is the next tutorial for using layers. Its great fun. You will need to start with 2 digital photos. I have used a portrait and a photo of a plant.

1. Open your photo files

2. Go into Dialogues menu and click on layers

(remember if you click on these photos in blogger -they will enlarge)

3. Go into Layers menu and click on duplicate- do this 3 times

4. In the layers window, drop down to dodge and play with the %- in the copy 2 duplicate.

5. Go to file menu and click on open as layers

6. Open another photo

7. Click on “scale” on the tool bar and scale the 2nd photo up and click scale to finish

8. In Layers menu-click difference

9. Repeat opening a new photo as a new layer.. Do not scale.

10. Click on the move tool and move the photo to the top right of the palette

11. Create 2 duplicates of this image

12. Play with the layers, move tool and duplicating of layers until you are happy with your design

When you are happy with your collage – then save it.

Let me know how you get on with the layers in GIMP, and I would love to see the results of your all your hard work.

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