Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time for exhibitions

Had a day of visiting exhibitions yesterday and most enjoyable too. Both exhibitions were in Cirencester.
First went to Edwina Bridgemans' exhibition "Orchard" at the new Brewery Arts in Cirencester. Very thought provoking. It finishes today and goes on to Glastonbury next and then tours herefordshire and Kent... catch it if you can. Well worth it. I found I needed to allow myself the time to read and view and think to fully appreciate this work.

Then I went on to view the Rubicon exhibition at Cirencester Museum, a small exhibition, but with my interest in Roman artefacts and such like, well worth it for me. The group had looked at the artefacts in the museum and this inspired their works of art. Intriguing and thoughtful work. The above mosaic is at the Museum, its one of my favourites.

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