Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day out working!

Well, there might be shortage of fuel here... but I still have to travel around the south of the country on exam business. I really enjoy this work, such a pleasure to see such a wonderful variety of artwork. Yesterday I was in Bournemouth, it was a lovely day, sunny and pleasantly warm.

Whoops.. took the occasional wrong road and had to turn round.. but a very pleasant drive. On the way home, decided to eat the human fuel ( bought sandwiches ) in the New Forest, always a pleasant spot when the sun shines and a welcome break from all that driving and concentrating.

Well as you can see, a downpour of rain put paid to the picnic, and I had left the coffee in the boot, no way was I going to get wet to get the coffee! So did without.

On the way back , Salisbury Cathedral looked splendid in the sunlight - John Constable eat your heart out! This is just a quick snap.

Then, in order to get to Marlborough entails a drive through Savernake Forest, enlarge this photo and you will see an enormous old tree very close to the road, quite amazing. Would love to know if it is really 1000 years old.
Then home again. Lovely day out.. but working too.

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Tony Heywood said...

Glad you like Salisbury - Wiltshire is a big county isn;t it! We just need our own University!

SEO Salisbury