Monday, July 07, 2008

Ramblings and Urchfont Open Day

(Roaming Trolley- Dawn Dupree Exhibition at Brewery Arts Cirencester)

Why are so many exhibitions staged in the Summer months? Trying to get to everything is quite a logistical nightmare, but lots of fun and stimulation. Plenty of stitching has been happening since I last posted. Its much easier to type now that I have new letters stuck to my laptop keyboard, see my photoblog here but I still make lots of typos, thanks goodness for spellchecks!

Managed to get a lot of leaves made to add to my Art in the Garden at Urchfont.... but with all the garden stuff growing there since I did the first installation.. I still need to add more. As Jane Lemon is keeping her watchful eye on me ... I shall promise to make some more Jane... as you are right ... the more the better. Although I am not sure when I can next get down there.

Have also finished the July bag for the BQL bag challenge I have been involved with. If I am honest I almost gave up on this one.... patchwork is perhaps a step too far for me. Enough said. The July bag appears to be much more my style.

I have also been using my embellisher a lot as I signed up for Dales Embellisher course. Most enjoyable. Absolutely typical though I am 3 lessons behind everyone else.

Will have to post some more later... am off to Marlborough in a moment to listen to a talk by Christine Benson, so will tell you all about Urchfonts open day and this afternoons talk when I get back.

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Julie said...

Take heart - I'm 2 weeks behind on my journalling course too. How many weeks has the course been running? 2 weeks! Help!
The embellisher piece looks good.