Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting the needle!

Angela, Sorry you could not find it in your heart to help me with my dyeing, by offering do my ironing for me, but you will find the finished results on my photo blog. I have some more dyeing to do, but not in the right mood at the moment.

However I have been doing some more needle punching stuff... this piece of work has been a real mixture of techniques... weaving, needle punching, machine stitching and hand stitching .... not finished yet.. its needs something else but I am unsure as to what. If you have any bright ideas .. leave me a comment please. I like the 3 D raised effect.. but.....!

Now the weather has cooled, Herr Schnauzer has re-discovered his toy box, its all very well, just wish I could train him to put all the toys back in the box and not leave them strewn all over the house.

Naturally all this toy playing activity roused Mr Siamese from his morning nap.

During this hot spell, all the birds have disappeared from the garden, hope they come back soon, we have missed them. Must remember to put fresh water in the birdbath.

Just as I was settling down to a lovely cup of morning coffee, the phone rings, my daughter, to tell me young grandson has a nasty chest infection. How in this heat I ask myself? Hubby returns from check up at the doctors after his knee surgery....... and not good news... he may have re-torn the ligament in his knee........ how? No idea!
Ah....... well enjoy the coffee and the jam doughnuts he got from the bakers.


jordiw said...

eFriends taught their Portuguese Water Dog to pick up, not just toys, but laundry left on the floor etc. I always hoped Sienna would learn by osmosis, but no such luck. I HATE it when I step on a squeeky toy by accident!

Ev said...

Our Lab has a toy "bin" that we keep his bits and bobs in, he will sometimes return them there but more often won't (they are pretty big so not hard to miss). I do like your embellished piece, was looking on the group and came over here for a better look. It makes me think of the medievil shields (or breastplates) so maybe a fleur de Lis in the centre of the cross or something similar. The texture looks fantastic up close.

Gill said...

Oh no...poor Robin...poor you....poor knee!

See you Saturday!

Angelcat said...

well my friend I would be more than willing to help you with any number of things but I'm afriad ironing just isn't one of them, lol!