Saturday, July 19, 2008

Children's Fete

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A great event today in Faringdon Park, near the Railway Village in Swindon, if you click on the name you will find out more information about this wonderful park. It really was a great children's day, the Tombola stalls were selling tickets for soft toys, there were displays of dancing, a football tournament, and all the rides, swings and atmosphere of a village Fete... so enjoyable.

The reason we were particularly interested in going - was to watch our granddaughter dance with the Irish dancers. She loves performing, and dances very well. I have made a video of the performance, but at the moment I cannot get the sound to work. If I do I get it sorted I will treat you all to her dancing.

The costumes the girls wear are wonderful, so well done Tia ( she is wearing orange and has long red hair). The Celtic symbols are very intricate and some of the dresses are machine embroidered and appliqued. It had rained just before their dance, fortunately the rain stopped in time. Their dresses are stiffened with cardboard so cannot get wet. I feel sure that modern day solutions must be available as an alternative to cardboard.

After the dancing, I was attracted to some interesting organ music coming from the other side of the park, so we went off to investigate, and discovered this wonderful fairground organ. Beautiful sound.

There were lots of traditional rides for the children to enjoy. It was fun to watch the enjoyment on the faces.

The high swinging boats were popular too.

Unlike 1868, there was no free cake or tea for the children attending, but fun was had by all.

The Swindon Borough Council tent was concentrating on re-cycling and they gave us some great bags for free. We felt very virtuous, as we had left the car at home and travelled by bus. So on the way home ... we did some shopping so made good use of our new bags!

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Guzzisue said...

we love going to this sort of day out just to people watch. The dancers looked lovely in their dresses.