Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dyeing day

My stash is desperate for some more fabrics... so I had an play at dyeing some calico. I need some for my embellisher work, I am really pleased with the results. It was so hot, I really thought it would not work. It has, I scrunched the fabric tight into the bag and so have variegated pieces... just what I wanted.

At some stage this lot will need to be ironed......Mmmmm ... might have to wait until this evening if it cools down!

Like the shadows the rotary line is casting on the grass in this photo?


Angelcat said...

Wow look at all of those wonderful vibrant colours, what a great days dyeing. DOn't envy you the ironing though ;)

nadine said...

your dyeing day looks like a fabulous success. wish i was there to help you with the ironing out.

& commisserations on the
"fuzzy toys everywhere". my knitting companion likes to sleep on his big round fuzzy toys. Everywhere