Saturday, July 12, 2008

Surviving the wet and a new stitching group.

Thoughts of last July's rain came flooding back to me these last 2 days... we had tremendous outbreaks of the stuff again. I know I have said it before, but I am so pleased we live on top of the hill. Of course .. there are some who do not seem to mind getting wet!

A good time to stay at home and get on with stitchery stuff. Great idea, however I also had be chief nurse, he has had a small operation to help arthritis on his knee and he had to have a responsible adult look after him for 24 hours. Thought my daughter could make a better adult for the role.. but I got voted in, as the one with most time on my hands, as I have taken early retirement! Mmmmm!

In between nursing duties, I managed to get some embellishing done... enjoyed doing this piece. Its on a weaving frame. Think I might add further decoration with some hand stitchery. It is a contender for the 12 X 12 monthly Journal quilts, I have been playing with.

Got a bit carried away with the idea of weaving, and I think this one needs some further stitching too... perhaps by machine.. ....
I removed this one from the frame, cut it up, embellished it onto some fabric I had dyed and printed, and then did some fancy machine stitching on it. Since taking this photo, I have used my Wilcox and Gibbs to chain stitch the background. I am still not happy with it... I think it is the colours.... well its good to experiment!
New stitching group information
I am in the process of setting up another group. I am so pleased with the response to the Great Western Embroiderers, that I think it is now time to create a subgroup.
I am suggesting we call it "GWE Workshops" and that we meet on 3rd Monday of the month from 10-3pm - all tea and coffee included. Bring own packed lunch.
I am suggesting the group embrace the following approach/guidelines for the workshop:-
1.As we arrive we set up an inspiration/progress/works so far, board or display of our work. This will make the room feel inspiring.
2. Then just get on with our own individual work.
3. Then give 5 minute talk to the group about our/their work after lunch. This talk to focus on what we/ they have done.. inspirations and then where we/they might go next. All positive .. no negatives allowed. At end of 5 minutes... questions from others attending - the purpose to be to progress the work.
This will give a responsibility and respect towards your work and others. It will hopefully be stringent enough to help us keep to a high level of work, as it takes confidence to be able to do this. We are not interested in a "sewing group"... much more a "professional studio " atmosphere.
I have booked the centre, and if you feel this is of interest to you, as you live within a commuting distance of Cricklade in Wiltshire ( it is on the border of Goucestershire/ Wiltshire and Oxfordshire). Please contact me and I will try and answer your questions. There is a cost, which will be divided between those attending.
Thanks to Anna for also mentioning the workshop on your blog, and offering me your support in this new initiative.

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I love your weaving, full of interest!