Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Great Western Embroiderers

OK .. you can shout at me now! I forgot to use my camera, and I do hate blogs with no pictures! I know it is most unusual for me, my only excuse is I was having a blonde day.

We had a great meeting of the Great Western Embroiderers today, 2 traders come to visit, Mark from Sewmaster sewing machines in Reading, and Gill from Gillsew .

Mark gave us an entertaining talk about sewing machines.How to service and look after them and as he has loads of knowledge, tips and advice on the subject, we really did enjoy his chat. Must go and play with my basting stitch on the Bernina after his advice. Did you know for instance, the more you use your machine, the better, as it helps to lubricate the moving parts, especially such things as the basting stitch. Just the sort of knowledge ( excuse ) we need to go and do some more machining. Did you know that on computerised machines, it records for the dealer, how many stitches and hours a machine has clocked up? Just like the milometer on the car. Learn something new everyday.

Mark bought along a Bernina, a Husquarna and a Pfaff embellisher for us to use and also a number of accessories for sale. Some members had bought their machines along and asked advice about problems and he was able to advise accordingly. Wonderful!

Our other trader was Gill from Gillsew she bought along lots of goodies for us to look at and then to spend our money of course, if you click on the highlights in this text .. it will take you to their websites.... where at least you will get some pictures! Promise to do better for my next post. Here is a photo of my old hand machine... just to make me feel better!

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Angelcat said...

Sorry I missed the meet again. I had hoped to come but my car decided that it didn't want to start, something else to sort out! Sounds like you had a great time, I will email you soon for a catch up :)