Sunday, July 13, 2008


Friends of my eldest son bought him a wonderful birthday present.. a day at the races. When they told me , I thought genteel thoughts like Ascot or similar, but I was wrong! The day was at Castle Combe- and he was the racing driver- click here! Thanks goodness they did not tell me until afterwards!

Yesterday I got a panic phone call from him... he was working at his unit and had missed the sandwich van, as he was on the phone when it called round, please could I bring him some lunch, he was starving hungry? I must be an old softie... off I trotted in the pouring rain! Well, I could not let my big baby boy starve could I.?

When I arrived I saw he had a car in the back of the unit.. all 4 wheels were off and when I looked inside.... it had no interior either. I was a little taken aback , and enquired about it. Apparently he is getting it ready to go racing at Castle Combe. Ooooooh Errrr! It would seem hubbie knows all about it, and when hubby asked me what it was like, I described it beautifully, " Its a lovely metallic blue" says I......serves him right for keeping me in the dark about it.
Son tried to re- assure me that he has done all his training and all the safety training too, and is just putting the roll bars in the car. He has sorted the engine. Then he just has to put his sponsors logo on the car, which he took great delight in explaining to me, knowing I would be interested in the design work.

I think the car looks a bit like this one..... found this photo on the net... have no idea who took the photo... as it was an advert... I hope I have not broken any copyright rules... but when you have seen one blue car, you have seen them all, don't you agree !!!


verobirdie said...

Well, well, well :-) You're better than me, you recognize a car even if the wheels are missing :-)
Your description of your son's makes me laugh, anyway. Thanks for it.

Gill said...

Made me laugh, Maggie - reminded me of going racing with a former boyfriend of mine who fancied his chances as a racing driver. What fun - he entered me in the Ladies race as a joke and then he and his father wired the brakes to the car horn. They stood and laughed their socks off when I not only won the race but left the favourite upside down having "leaned" on her as we went round the final bend.

Good job my Mum wasn't there to see - but boy, did she get chapter and verse later!!

You know, I think I'm quite envious of his day out - we're going to a Wagner opera!!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Small world. My OH was at Castle Combe last year - he engineers for a rally team. They should have been in Ireland last weekend for one of the championship rounds but the gear box is broke and they couldn't get the car ready. Boys with their toys. Almost as bad as us girls with our textile art - well not quite as bad!!!!