Saturday, August 02, 2008

Preparation for printing

Earlier this month I enrolled on a screen printing course with Dawn Dupree at Cirencester Workshops and when I told my cyber mates.. they enrolled too. Fantastic. So had to do a bit of preparation for ideas for images to use. I went back to my Steam sketchbook for ideas, and feel all enthusiastic again. The Exhibition is in February 2009, so it seemed a good idea to work on ideas to develop the images further.

We had a fantastic day and my cyber pals Gill and Paulene produced some wonderful work, so inspiring to be able to work with others.

We were working in a workshop which was situated up in the eaves and the washing line was excellent for drying.

This is one of my pieces.

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Angelcat said...

looks like a great workshop, Maggie, and your finished piece is great. You've reminded me that I really need to get my steam sketchbook back out and start developing ideas too!