Friday, August 08, 2008

Labelling gone mad?

Since when do bananas contain traces nuts?


Gill said...

I'm worried that they are "loose" bananas. Hope they don't lead your apples astray...

As for the nuts - I guess they're the ones who wrote the label?

BTW I found two German mags here yesterday - meant for you! Remind me when we get together again, please.

nadine said...

Oh, i'm so glad you've posted this photo. This made me laugh right out loud. Loose Bananas ! hid the key to the Liquor cabinet .... keep them out of sight of the cooking sherry !

maybe they've gone out partying and they were caught.
that's why they're in a Bag now. it's like Banana Jail.

Wabbit said...

The thing that made me laugh was the admonition to keep them refrigerated. Perhaps you would if you had a need to make banana nut bread before the week's end!

Loved the pictorial tours!