Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lucy Locket and a trip to Wales

Went to the Museum at St Fagans in Wales yesterday. We did not need a passport to enter the country, but it was interesting to see all the road signs, which are usually so familiar also in a different language. ( I have no idea why this photo has loaded sideways!! )

We travelled by coach, on a trip organised by the Marlbrough branch of the EG. The highlight of the trip was to be able to go into the textile storage area of the museum and see their wonderful collection. We were given permission to photograph as well... wonderful. these pockets were on display last year at the Bath costume museum -find out why Lucy Lockett lost her pocket.

There is also a great collection of love spoons.

(click on the photo to enlarge, an interesting read)

In the vast grounds of the Museum, they have restored a medieval Roman Catholic Church and are in the process of painting the murals. so colourful.

I walked all round the site and noticed how much my feet were aching, when it was time to catch the coach home. It did not seem long before we were leaving Wales and crossing the Severn Bridge again into England.

Then in no time at all we were nearing home.

A lovely day out and some very interesting textiles too.


Carol said...

Ah you didn't need your passport but we did make you pay to get in!!!! Love St.fagan, and no wonder your feet were aching, it is a big site! Glad you had a lovely day out in good old Wales, Diolch am eich ymweliad (Thanks for your visit) Cariad mawr ( lots of love)

Angelcat said...

Sounds like a lovely day out, those embroidered pockets look wonderful

MargaretR said...

Diolch am ymweld a Chymru, Maggie. Brysiwch yn ol! Since Carol wrote in the language of heaven I thought I would too. At the end I have just added, hurry back.