Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weaving, a way of life?

If you're not scared of spiders click on the photo for a larger image. Woke up this morning to a very grey and misty day, which just about sums up how I feel at the moment.

I seem to be doing lots of things for other people, not that I mind, but I need some "me" time this weekend. In preparation I have tidied the studio/workroom of all the left overs and tidied threads and machine bobbins. Some photos on my photoblog

The fabrics are still in a mess, but I know I shall be using them a lot soon, so there is no point in sorting those out to look neat, as I actually need to use them.

Paint brushes have been cleaned and put back, although not for long as I need to use them again soon.

Full sketchbooks are so difficult to store, I want them within reach, as I do refer to them often.... but they also get in the way, being so bulky. What is the answer?

Well for the moment I shall be using an old new one... if you get my drift. Its one I started using and still has lots of empty pages, so I shall be a meany and use it up.

Suspect my grey mood this morning is also partly due to the fact we went out to dinner last night with some really good friends, lovely enjoyable evening, but maybe too much wine? Maybe I will leave the machining I had planned until tomorrow. Could I be charged with Drunk in charge of a sewing machine... probably as lethal as driving a car ! Know you can be fined for being drunk in charge of a bicycle or horse. Interesting thought.

The exhibition in Iliminster is being put up next weekend, still have to post some of the work for that, and I am also looking forward to going to the Kitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace on Friday 10th October.

In the week before K & S I have been asked to teach the teachers again, apparently they really enjoyed the "how to teach drawing " I did with them, and now would like me to do a session on colour and mixed media. Lovely group of people. I am really looking forward to that.
Wonder if any of you can help me with a problem... this little quilters ruler came with a huge sticky label, which I have removed. However it has left an annoyingly large sticky patch on the plastic. How do I get rid of it?


Gill said...

A Lakeland product called "sticky stuff remover" or something similar. Based on orange oil I think. Brilliant stuff.

I'm sorry you're feeling out of sorts Maggie. Quite understand - you've done a lot of outreach recently - time to gather in a bit of replenishing energy I think. you deserve it!

Rosalind said...
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Rosalind said...

If you have any metal polish lurking in the cupboard rub it with that. A quick wipe over with washing up liquid afterwards and it will be smooth and shiny .

7:02 PM

Paulene said...

There is a US product called Goo Gone that is orangy as well, maybe the sane as the Lakeland stuff.
Alternatively surgical spirit or methylated spirit - one or other gets rid of all sticky stuff but neither one does everything. (what do you meean, you don't have a bottle of meths in the cubboard? Fantastic for cleaning glass as well)