Saturday, October 04, 2008

In a 2 and 8

Its an old saying that my Dad often used... it always meant I was in a muddle, and it has certainly been a week of muddles.

Thank you to Rosalind and Gill for the advice about the sticky residue on the plastic ruler from the last post. It has worked a treat and I can now use the ruler without it sticking to the cloth.

I finally managed to get my work sent to the exhibition at Ilminster. The Private view is tomorrow between 12 and 2pm... so if you are nearby and at a loss for something to do, you may like to go and have a look. I still am hoping to make it to the private view, but hubby's leg is still very poorly and he does like to come with me and take photos, it is a long way from home though. So we will make the decision in the morning.

(click to enlarge for details)

The weather is pretty foul here, and cold. The eldest son is having the last race of the season today, in this appalling wet and windy weather. Hope he enjoyed himself. I was quite happy to stay at home!

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