Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scrumptious Saturday with GWE

Spent this glorious day working with Annette Emms of Fairy shoes fame. We were working on Concertina books and slip cases. A really good day and lots to do.
Here is some of the the work created by Annette which we used as our inspiration.

We used lots of different arty materials to create the slip cases and then moved onto making the little sketchbook to go inside. We experimented with a number of ways to get a digital image onto cloth and Annette was very generous with her tips and advice.

We did not quite finish the sketchbooks, but a few more hours working on them at home should do the trick. They are lovely aren't they?

The weather was glorious and I could not resist joining a photography class in shooting some photos. Look at that blue sky!

When I got home I could not resist playing with the photo in the software.... anyone like blue berries?

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