Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Its a bit cold!

When I woke up and peeked out the window this morning, I was quite surprised to see how busy Jack Frost had been last night. According to my daughter some light snow fell too.... I did not see it though.

I have been enjoying myself using the embellisher machine and then chain stitching on the W & G machine, meanwhile watching everyone slip and slide on the pavement outside my studio window.

The hedge outside the window looks likethis ........ really frosty and it is midday now. Its also quite foggy. The freezing sort.
I am staying home and stitching. I have no desire to go out in the freezing cold, especially as I seem to have picked up one of the virus's doing the rounds. Its not too bad, as I have had the flu jab, but enough to make me feel less than well.

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Rachel said...

You're very sensible to stay indoors. It can be a little - how shall I put it? - exciting! - to be out and about at present!