Saturday, December 18, 2010

White today

Have been working on some white fabric recently, its quite fun to do. So I thought I would start this post with some fabric work for a change. Not a lot has been happening in the studio this week, other than some tidying up after last weekend.

Christmas preparations are well under way and plans for today have stalled to a stop... the reason why... is in this photo.

Its been snowing consistently since 6am, on top of some heavy overnight ice and frost. Absolutely treacherous out there, whether you want to walk or drive. I put out a lot of bird food in the hedges last night before it got too cold and today the birds are feeding non stop.

Thought you would like the update photo on your thread intervention Sal.. it looks quite wonderful.
Right I have promised to get some Christmas decorations up today...... so better get to it. Nothing else to do ;0)

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