Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow or stitching ?

Thought we would start this post with the weather.. very English! More snow overnight, and I am so annoyed with myself for not getting the fountain put away in time. Just hopes this weather is kind to it. I do love the icicles on the umbrella.

Have been doing little bits of stitching, they relate to my experiments with the colour circle.

This is not a repeat of a previous photo, the eagle eyed amongst you will notice no blades of grass are showing in this one. It has been snowing most of the morning.. but not heavily. We were not supposed to get any of this at all.... but the forecasters got it wrong.

I have been warm and cosy working in my studio most of the day and only ventured out to retrieve the dustbin after the refuse collectors had been. They did look very cold, but were whistling whilst they worked. Back to the weather -10C tonight apparently, but the wind seems to have dropped. The news report said it was exceptionally cold in Scotland last night -21C.

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