Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mad March and Space Dyeing

This dyeing of fabric and threads has been quite a mission this mad month of March. Lots of preparation, thinking and waiting is required to complete this technique. Now I have a recipe that works for me, I really enjoy doing it and the results are worthwhile.
Here is the batch I have managed to get going for this afternoon.... some shibori too. I have not used that technique for a long time, wonder if they will be OK?

You may remember me doing a lot of my dyeing in previous blog posts ( click here) I still use the same recipe. I find it works well for me.

Here are the all over colours, so useful to have.

Here are also some space dyed I dyed last week. Just love the way the colours run and fuse in together.

Now just have to sit and wait overnight for the latest dyes to batch. Then wash them tomorrow..... a bit of patience is required for that as well!


Helen Cowans said...

Scrumptious :)

Dorothy Gibbs said...

Hi Maggie,
Love them really nice colours.